Drivers guide to rating passengers

Citing low winter ridership, Uber has slashed prices in 48 cities across the U.S.  While Uber says it’ll mean good things for riders and drivers alike, drivers say the prices go too far.  Here in San Francisco, UberX prices fell 10 percent, and UberXL prices dropped 20 percent.  In a blog post, Uber said the low prices would spur higher ridership, which would translate into more profits for drivers.

“More demand turns into significantly more efficiency for the driver, more trips for every hour, and more earnings for every hour on the road,” the company wrote in its blog.

Lower prices mean that we drivers need to make our money some other way, like… in tips and surge.


San Francisco Drivers Guild Rating Guide
star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597 Reserved ONLY for those typical riders who tip. Willing to forgive almost all other transgressions from drunk, ignorant jackasses, sexist bigots, and smelly riders.
star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597 Typical riders who didn’t tip.
star_PNG1597star_PNG1597star_PNG1597 Riders you don’t want to see again, ever!
star_PNG1597star_PNG1597 Riders who suck!
star_PNG1597 Riders who suck hard, most impact you can have on their score.



These ratings are based off the following assertions…

Assertion #1
Someone who doesn’t tip the first time isn’t going to tip the second time around.

Assertion #2
Cheap-o’s who take uber pool are not going to tip regardless.

Assertion #3
More drivers who rate non-tippers less than 5 stars lowers that riders rate until they figure it out.

Assertion #4
Uber’s mass advertisement that tipping isn’t required, if successful, will spread into other industries.


Uber’s rating system. Rating is on a discrete scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Both passengers and drivers get to rate each other based on the experienced service. Uber had a document that got leaked back in 2014 that stated that 4.6 was the magic number for drivers, falling below that could be detrimental to your ‘career’ and future trips; and even those who fall below the 4.6 only 2-3% were facing deactivation. A rider also can face deactivation, but more importantly drivers should never take a passenger with low ratings obviously because they have already annoyed other drivers, and they will most likely annoy you too. A rating of 3 or less means neither party will ever see each other again. So overall, in terms of ratings, a riders ratings are more important to them than they are to a driver.

Assertion 1: fool me once shame on me, fool me twice and i am a stupid Uber driver. Tipping is a cultural norm in our culture. Would you not tip if your at a restaurant? Do you not tip your bartender? Do you not tip your taxi driver?  So why not an Uber driver? Or anyone else who performs a skilled service? No tip equals a smack in the face and the highest rating any driver should ever give a passenger is a 4. No tip, then don’t ever come back.

So imagine that a few weeks have gone by and this rider requests a ride, you won’t get it and you have the chance to get a rider who does tip. Another driver, who doesn’t care about maximizing their wages get them and has to deal with them.

Assertion #2: I personally avoid pool trips except when chosen strategically. I have never once received a tip during a Uber pool trip. They don’t care about their time, they don’t care about your’s. Also, the whole experience of Uber pool is a huge disadvantage to the drivers, a driver should create a friendly environment for the passenger – how can you do that when current passengers have to wait for another passenger who’s taking their time. Hence no 5 starts for you. Get an annoying or drunk Uber pool rider who offends the other riders, no five stars for you. Uber pool is great for Uber and bad for you.

Assertion #3: there is a stigma about people who do not tip; this concept that being pushed by Uber that it’s OK not to tip will ripple through other industries if successful.  If even 5% of driver’s would rate non-tippers between 1 to 3 stars, word would soon spread that you won’t get rides anymore and they will change their behavior.