Pro Tip #10 – Protect yourself against crime and fraud with a Dash Cam

We highly recommend that all drivers minimize their risk of crime and fraud with a dash cam.  Driver’s are easy targets for criminals; whether it’s from drunk riders who become physically aggressive to hit and runs to normal auto accidents. How hard it it for a criminal gang to hire your services and then cause an auto accident.  Insurance fraud is a huge business globally, it’s skyrocketed in Russia where just about everyone now has a dash cam; and criminal syndicate gangs are importing those techniques here now.

You know that your ‘passengers’ are going to be looking for a payout with their alleged neck and back pain. And who’s side are your criminal passengers gonna take when the police come to fill out a report. Yes, not yours. They are going to say that you were driving aggressively, dangerously, blah blah blah; oddly their and the other drivers accounts are going to be similar.

This means that the police and going to write the report that YOU are responsible for the accident. You get a fine. You get points. You’re insurance goes up. They get paid off.

The ONLY way your going to win is with video, because it doesn’t lie.

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