Cheating the system using GPS spoofing

Uber platform is susceptible to driver fraud, in fact their model overall promotes it. When done properly riders do not notice the fraud while drivers make more money.

How you ask?

  1. On android download an app called ‘Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free’.
  2. Enable ‘Developer options’ for your phone. Google it. It can be tricky.
  3. Enable ‘USB debugging’.
  4. On marshmallow select ‘FakeGPS free’ as the mock app.
  5. Enable mock locations.
  6. Select a mock location by double tapping a mock location, say a location that currently is surging. Click ‘Start’ button.
  7. Start Uber Partner app.
  8. BAM!

Now keep in mind that Uber will figure out that your not where you say if you misuse this technique – and they will ban you. We highly recommend NOT faking beyond 4 blocks AND/OR 5 minutes from your true position. Riders get a guarantee that you will be there within a given ETA; and if your not Uber refunds them their booking fee. Uber doesn’t like losing money.


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