Pro Tip #8 – Know your types of Uber rates

Getting riders from one place to another safely, efficiently, and respectfully is an important reason why riders love Uber. To spread that love, Uber allows riders and drivers to rate each other after each experience.

There are three measures that factor into your rating on the Uber platform.

Rider rating: Riders rate their experience with you on a scale of 1 to 5. Uber averages all of your rated trips to get your rider rating, which is displayed to riders.

Acceptance rate: You can accept or deny every trip request. Your acceptance rating is the percentage of total requests you chose to accept.

Cancellation rate: You also have the option to cancel a rate after accepted a request. Your cancellation rate is the percentage of all accepted rides that you cancel.

Uber values excellent drivers. That’s why drivers who exceed Uber quality standards will be eligible for special events and earning opportunity.

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